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Clothing Speaks: What are YOU saying to the world?

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 11:45
BespokeTips from David Lance

Clothing is a universal language yet has no sound. What you are wearing sends a message about you, and only you control whether this message is good or bad. Today, we hope to give you a little insight to help you leverage this form of communication by ensuring your ensemble sends the right message to the right people, in the right situation.

The decision of whether to wear jeans and a polo versus a suit or even a casual sport jacket to the office speaks volumes, all unspoken, about where your priorities lie. We’re all on our own personal career ladder, whether yours is a million or a billion-dollar ladder, you still need your wardrobe to send a clear and concise message. Possessing a personal style and dressing appropriately is truly one of the greatest compliments you can give to whomever you’re interacting with. It says, “I care enough about you and what we’re discussing to come dressed to play”.

The ultimate benefit of a well-fitting bespoke garment, worn at the appropriate time, is that it provides added confidence. That added feeling of assurance in appearance, leaves your mind free to focus on the matter at hand. Picture a situation where you are in a presentation given by a coworker. They’re fidgeting, repeatedly pulling their jacket down, adjusting their tie or yanking at a pant leg. Their preoccupation with what they are wearing ultimately detracts from the message they are trying to convey. Their discomfort is palpable to everyone in the room, and can translate into a weak, lackluster presentation.

In any situation, you want to be heard and ultimately remembered for what you say, not by what you wear. You can often hear David explaining it simply as “YOU always want to be wearing your clothing, you don’t want the clothing to be wearing you.” We know there is an instinctual drive to assert one’s individuality, but there is a way to do it where it looks effortless and it represents who you really are. Just as in verbal communications, talking louder doesn’t mean you’re heard, nor will dressing loud mean that you’ve gotten your point across. In fact, trying to dress a part that is not who you truly are, will only detract from what you are trying to convey.

If you’re ready to learn the language of style, it’s time to take a moment for introspection. What do your clothes currently say about you and what would you like them to say? How can these superficial changes result in real life improvement?

It all starts with a conversation…