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Lose the Tie?

Aug 21 2018Bespoke, Tips from David Lance

Hey guys, we understand wanting to dress more casually and comfortable at work – (there’s no reason dressing well can’t be comfortable, but that’s for a different day). Today though, we want to talk about how – and when - business and casual clothing can intersect without a major collision. It seems many men work long hours preparing for presentations and meetings, yet it looks like appearance was last on their list.

Clothing Speaks: What are YOU saying to the world?

Aug 02 2018Bespoke, Tips from David Lance

Clothing is a universal language yet has no sound. What you are wearing sends a message about you, and only you control whether this message is good or bad. Today, we hope to give you a little insight to help you leverage this form of communication by ensuring your ensemble sends the right message to the right people, in the right situation.

Some Basics about Bespoke Tailoring... Rules to go by.

Nov 11 2016Bespoke

ATTENTION: The following points about bespoke tailoring are not meant for all men. They’re for those who can truly appreciate the elegance of a bespoke suit as well as the luxury experience that is true to bespoke clothing.

At times, these rules may seem demanding or may talk about costs that aren’t pocket change. Bespoke clothing is an investment and not for everyone. But for those men ready to step up, these guidelines will prove priceless on your quest towards a bespoke lifestyle.

The Only Man in the Room Without A Tie... Don’t be that man.

Jul 14 2016Bespoke

If you’re a high-powered business broker like many of our clients, your wardrobe can actually generate revenue. It impacts people’s first impressions. It tells them you know how to read a room—and follow its unspoken rules. It conveys both power and grace.

So, how do you make sure you convey the right message and dress appropriately for any occasion?

How to Achieve Balance with Neckwear

Jul 07 2016Bespoke

For men who understand the subtleties of being well-dressed, looking great is all about balancing your look. Certain details and measurements of your outfit should be directly proportionate to the silhouette of the overall outfit you’ve chosen to wear. For example, the breadth of your shoulder line will help to determine the width of your suit’s lapel, and the size of your pocket flap will be echoed in the girth of your pant leg dimensions.

When it comes to neckwear, balance—both in color and dimensions—helps to create that wow factor that helps you close the deal, land the account, or in other words, win. This keeps you memorable in the minds of the most powerful people in the room.

The Bespoke Experience: Why It’s More Than Just a Suit

May 18 2016Bespoke

Many men hear the word “bespoke” and instantly think of suits made for a specific person. But bespoke is not about the clothing itself—it’s about the process.

When you decide its time, and you opt for bespoke, you’re not just purchasing garments. You’re actually beginning a process where we can author the story of how you’re sartorially perceived. Bespoke is an ongoing, personalized experience that will wow you—but do it to you quietly—every time you step out the door.