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The Power of Bespoke Suits: How Stephen Colbert Became Late-Night’s Sex Symbol

Apr 25 2016In the News

He grew his popularity from a Daily Show correspondent to the quirky host of The Colbert Report. But when CBS announced that Stephen Colbert would step in as David Letterman’s successor on The Late Show, people questioned the fit.

Chris Rock, Oscars Jokes, And the Future of Formalwear

Mar 04 2016Bespoke, In the News

The press rarely ask what men are wearing—or who they’re wearing—on the red carpet. Chris Rock made this astute observation in his monologue at the 88th Academy Awards last Sunday—and for many, it was a temporary respite from the barrage of commentary that #OscarsSoWhite. Then, Chris rocked the house with his punchline, that an exception would be swiftly made for George Clooney in a lime green suit with a swan coming out of his rear end.


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