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Lose the Tie?

Aug 21 2018Bespoke, Tips from David Lance

Hey guys, we understand wanting to dress more casually and comfortable at work – (there’s no reason dressing well can’t be comfortable, but that’s for a different day). Today though, we want to talk about how – and when - business and casual clothing can intersect without a major collision. It seems many men work long hours preparing for presentations and meetings, yet it looks like appearance was last on their list.

Clothing Speaks: What are YOU saying to the world?

Aug 02 2018Bespoke, Tips from David Lance

Clothing is a universal language yet has no sound. What you are wearing sends a message about you, and only you control whether this message is good or bad. Today, we hope to give you a little insight to help you leverage this form of communication by ensuring your ensemble sends the right message to the right people, in the right situation.


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