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“Why do our clients seem to live for their Book? Because every time they go to get dressed, we’re practically handing them their clothing to put on. It's that simple.”

 —David Lance

For the client who prefers to leave the guesswork of daily style selection to us, we provide The Book – an ultimate, custom-curated guide for dressing well.

This original concept was created by David almost 30 years ago. Today, each client’s Book is based on his personal tastes, professional demands, social commitments, and the individually coded pieces created for him. Once each suit, jacket, pant, shirt and tie is logged and coded, the items are then catalogued throughout The Book in various combinations that allow for an endless synthesis of creative dressing.


The Beauty of "The Book"

We provide a comprehensive experience—a full 360º look at your life. Detail ­– both small and large – is of utmost importance to us. The Book is personalized for you, and features a complete itemized log of your wardrobe and recommended combinations.

“The Book” is basically a how-to manual for everything that we have created in your closet, with recommended combinations for each piece. Our numbering system, which will allow for your total understanding of what goes with what —but it also helps us keep track of your garments, and makes it simple to replace anything that’s damaged or lost.

With a variety of well thought out, brilliant combinations, you’ll never have to ask “Does this match?” ever again. The Book breeds confidence—you’ll know what you’re wearing is right, and you won’t have to think twice.