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Fall 2013 - Mink Blend Fabrics

Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 13:10

There is no more luxurious article of clothing than a mink stole. For centuries, mink has been prized for its incomparable touch that is distinguishable from any other pelt. It is not commonly known that mink is not strictly utilized true to its form – it is also used as a component in fabrics. Mink fur is added into wool or cashmere to make it softer to the touch. Wool and cashmere are plenty warm enough on their own or blended together, therefore mink is strictly added to make the fabric more luxurious.

It may not seem as though a small percentage of mink makes any significant or pronounced  difference, but this sentiment becomes untrue when you touch a fabric with any amount of mink incorporated into its material. Even fabrics with 1%-5% mink have a distinctive touch that sets them apart from their counterparts. Since mink is a luxury material, only a few mills in the world know how to utilize the delicate pelts to their full potential within the context of a fabric, therefore it is truly a limited item.