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Spring Ties

Monday, May 4, 2015 - 21:44

As the seasons change, your wardrobe will too, (unless you so happen to live in Miami or Los Angeles). We’re finally, and I mean finally nearing the seasons where we don’t have to layer heavy fabrics and borderline ski gear to keep ourselves warm. It make sense to most men that we  swap out your heavier suits for lighter suits in spring, but most men don’t know that it’s also  time to change their ties as well.

When you think spring ties, you may think visually – pastels and lively prints. But what actually distinguishes a spring tie from a winter tie is it’s material and weight. As your suits get lighter, so should the weight of your  tie. The traditional go-to spring tie is the typical 40 ounce silk tie, but you have some other options, especially when we start nearing summer months. That’s when you can wear a cotton, silk, or linen tie, or even ties with a blend of those materials.

Seasonality is not about arbitrary rules, it’s about looking a certain way and feeling comfortable doing it. Obviously a wool tie won’t make you fry in the heat, but it’s more about having the tie mimic the lo

ok and feel of your lighter suit, rather than appear bulky and out of place. But lighten up a little. Spring is the time to wear those great colors and have some fun! Don’t be afraid to let your tie talk a little louder this time of year.