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David Lance Classic

DLNY is the cornerstone of the New York bespoke lifestyle.
We provide a concierge service that’s as elegant as the suits we create.
Our clients know what it is to truly be well dressed, and well served.

Creating a bespoke wardrobe is as much art as science. We believe every man has the desire to know that their appearance matches their aspirations. That is the promise that true bespoke clothing can achieve. We’re not talking about “made to measure” or a “custom” suit. Those terms and their methods of tailoring a suit only allows you to choose from a list of preset options. Our bespoke experience start with a blank canvas.

Introducing DLNY Classic.

At its core, Classic is very simple to understand. It only differs from our Private collection in one way; we have limited the number of fabrics that make up the collection. Still, it is the full and true bespoke experience our clients have come to expect, without sacrificing anything. It will now allow a man to build a wardrobe confidently and without hesitation.

The Classic Pattern

We have set aside a reserve selection of patterns that will never lose their prominence. Fabrics that are both rich and classic. The pinstripes are clear and defined, while the chalk-stripes are as soft as they should be. Glen plaids checks are subtle in their pattern, while the sharkskins are clear with a wonderful sumptuous drape. The Nailhead (or Birdseye), always a staple, has a beautiful texture. The patterns we’ve selected were procured with an eye towards subtle elegance and longevity, which are essential to building your wardrobe.

The Classic Hue

Deep navy blue. Nickel gray and rich oxford. Postman blue, rich mahogany brown and midnight black. The fabrics selected for Classic possess a range of hues that are deep and true to their specific palette. These colors will deliver years of enjoyment, wear after wear. Classic colors are, and will remain, timeless.

Why Classic?

For Bespoke first-timers, Classic enables you to step confidently into the world of a true bespoke garment. Our Classic collection features suits that every man will use to build their bespoke wardrobe. It’s not just the fabrics, patterns, or the fitting of our garments that matters — it is our 30—plus years of knowing that it’s all about our relationship with you, our client that matters the most.

We invite you to step in and try our new Classic collection. With a price point of $5495, this is a new opportunity to enter the custom clothing world of David Lance New York. Or, choose Private, the ultimate in a bespoke experience.

Classic or Private, either way it is time to get started.

David Lance New York, where bespoke living starts.