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How To Get Wrinkles Out of Shirts and Suits

Feb 20 2015Tips from David Lance

Suits become a part of our bodies, and as we move and sit throughout the day, they tend to wrinkle. A few occasional wrinkles that happen throughout the day are completely acceptable – you don’t need to press your clothes midday.

Porsche Connoisseurs – The Art of Customization

Feb 02 2015Video Blogs

Watch David Lance explain the Art of Customization in the first of three videos in a series with Porsche and Condé Nast Traveller.

True bespoke suits; What's the difference between custom and made-to-measure?

Dec 12 2014Bespoke, DLNY News

Custom or bespoke, and made-to-measure are terms that are often used interchangeably, but actually mean very different things. So what are true bespoke suits?

You’re reading this information on a page we call “Bespeak”. Coincidentally, the process of creating a bespoke garment is the act of bringing out that which is in your mind’s eye, by using your words to speak it into something tangible and real. Hence a bespoke suit, is a suit that has been “Bespoken” into being.


Dec 08 2014Bespoke, DLNY News

The biggest limitation of bespoke clothing is quite actually our favorite aspect – it is always imperative to meet with a client in person when you first begin making clothing for them. For the most part, the only way to get into David Lance New York clothing for the first time is to come to our showroom in New York City, but we are working to bring DLNY to where it all began, Los Angeles, CA. Over the next few months and throughout the coming year, lead designer David Lance will be hosting a series of trunk shows at the Peninsula Beverly Hills. This is your only chance to meet directly with a DLNY designer outside of NYC, while having full access to samples of our clothing and custom accessory inventory.


Dec 05 2014Bespoke

“Guys, I could really use  a couple new belts”

“Great! Would you like them made out of Leather in suede, buffalo, or Italian calf skin? Or would you like an exotic skin like ostrich, lizard, Crocodile or ‘what’s that you say…Hornback Alligator’…no problem.  Do you want that in a glossy or matte finish? Do you want a thinner belt or a belt with a thicker strap? What kind of buckle would you like – we can use a brass buckle, or do you prefer nickel, silver, chrome, or pewter ? How many belt holes would you need?” 


Nov 04 2014In the News

We received a call one day asking us if we were interested in being featured in GQ’s newest series. For anyone involved in men’s fashion, when GQ and Condé Nast call, your ears instantly perk up They told us that they wanted to showcase David Lance New York in their newest series ‘Most Expensivest Sh*t’, hosted by rapper 2 Chainz. Well… Let’s just say that whole last part of the discussion was over our head – we aren’t too familiar with the hip-hop world. Upon discussing the project more, we learned about who 2 Chainz was, and more about the show. It features 2 Chainz on his quest to find the best, finest, rarest, and often the most expensive items in their categories. He had driven a $2 million car, eaten a $295 burger, stayed at the Palace Hotel’s Jewel Suite, and now it was time for him to be fitted for a David Lance New York suit.