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Quality Means Less Quantity

Sep 12 2012Bespoke, Tips from David Lance

Planned obsolescence is a topic that primarily comes up when discussing technology. This phrase refers to the scheme in business of creating a product with the intention of it not working, lasting, or being relevant after a predetermined amount of time. At some point in our modern history, clothing fell victim to this mode of business. 


David's Tips: Basic Suit Care

Feb 01 2012Tips from David Lance

A lot of people assume that paying for a quality suit means that they are promised longevity. This assumption makes as much sense as not changing the oil in your new Rolls-Royce. Just because your suits can last, does not mean that they always will. Taking a few seconds to properly maintain your clothing at the end of each wear can mean the difference between a suit lasting one year or one decade. Absorb these tips as gospel, and you will reinforce the durability of your suit.