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The Return of the Gentleman

Sep 15 2014Bespoke, In the News

Among all of the electronic music and the trend of wearing sneakers with suits, a throwback to when times were, well just simply better in terms of fashion, has seen a revival. The book I Am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman by Nathaniel Adams seems to have its finger on the pulse of a movement which is bringing back the time of the gentleman. The book highlights the appreciation for “the finer things in life” for men. Yes, there was once a time when men cared about how they were perceived by what they wore, and they wanted to be seen not only as wealthy but as gentlemen. How someone wanted to be perceived was not focused on expensive cars and gold chains draped from one’s neck. Men of all economic backgrounds dressed their best when they stepped out.

Spring 2014 I Deconstructed Coats

Apr 04 2014Bespoke

There is nothing comparable to springtime in New York City. It is the small window between the frigid temperatures of late winter, and the humidity and crowds of summer. The Spring almost comes across as a celebration of great weather. With everyone’s elevated moods, you tend to see a jubilant touch in everyone’s style.


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