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Dec 05 2014Bespoke

“Guys, I could really use  a couple new belts”

“Great! Would you like them made out of Leather in suede, buffalo, or Italian calf skin? Or would you like an exotic skin like ostrich, lizard, Crocodile or ‘what’s that you say…Hornback Alligator’…no problem.  Do you want that in a glossy or matte finish? Do you want a thinner belt or a belt with a thicker strap? What kind of buckle would you like – we can use a brass buckle, or do you prefer nickel, silver, chrome, or pewter ? How many belt holes would you need?” 


Sep 17 2014Bespoke, In the News

Our Madison Avenue showroom is quintessential New York City. From the crown molding, to the solid wood cabinetry, we maintain a certain classic look. With that said, you can only imagine our surprise to the latest trend in ties – The Square End Tie. Throughout the last century, Oleg Cassini and other designers took a liking to this style of ties, and today the younger generation, with their interest in vintage  and ‘back in the day’ looks, has embraced and brought back the square end tie.


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