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Nov 04 2014In the News

We received a call one day asking us if we were interested in being featured in GQ’s newest series. For anyone involved in men’s fashion, when GQ and Condé Nast call, your ears instantly perk up They told us that they wanted to showcase David Lance New York in their newest series ‘Most Expensivest Sh*t’, hosted by rapper 2 Chainz. Well… Let’s just say that whole last part of the discussion was over our head – we aren’t too familiar with the hip-hop world. Upon discussing the project more, we learned about who 2 Chainz was, and more about the show. It features 2 Chainz on his quest to find the best, finest, rarest, and often the most expensive items in their categories. He had driven a $2 million car, eaten a $295 burger, stayed at the Palace Hotel’s Jewel Suite, and now it was time for him to be fitted for a David Lance New York suit.


Sep 17 2014Bespoke, In the News

Our Madison Avenue showroom is quintessential New York City. From the crown molding, to the solid wood cabinetry, we maintain a certain classic look. With that said, you can only imagine our surprise to the latest trend in ties – The Square End Tie. Throughout the last century, Oleg Cassini and other designers took a liking to this style of ties, and today the younger generation, with their interest in vintage  and ‘back in the day’ looks, has embraced and brought back the square end tie.


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