David Lance New York

Company history

When David started his company as a young man in Southern California, he did what few others would: he brought the store to the customer. David quickly learned that the most precious thing to his clients wasn’t just great looking suits or shirts or even price for that matter: it was their time. Whom they chose to share it with depended exclusively on the level of service they received. David turned this understanding of his clientele’s lifestyle and top level service needs into the cornerstone of what today is known simply as David Lance New York.

To this day, David still makes house calls. And so does every member of the staff of David Lance New York. ….And office calls for that matter. And airport fittings. And Tuesday night at 11pm delivery calls.. It’s that level of personal, real-life service that has made our label one of the most sought after in fine menswear, anywhere.

There’s no doubt that the suits we make are absolutely the finest garments a man can buy. But it is the experience of being a client here that is the real reason so many men, high-profile and not so high profile choose us to handle one of their most important tasks: maintaining and improving their public appearance. Aka, Looking good.