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The Showroom

The Showroom

Our showroom, located in the heart of New York City’s couture fashion district, is designed to reflect David’s artistic passion. Warm and welcoming, you will feel at home surrounded by opulent fabric choices, and handmade accessories.

The Experience

The Custom Made Suit

Here at David Lance New York every element of what we do is individualized for you. Each garment is tailored in order to exceed all exceptions, crafted to be unique. Our bespoke suits are not made-to-measure, they are custom created from beginning to end, designed to compliment your lifestyle.


The Appointment

One of the first steps to becoming a David Lance New York client is the appointment. We use this time to get to know you! In your private appointment here at our showroom, we learn about your lifestyle, profession, and habits.

A True Bespoke Experience

At David Lance New York we pride ourselves on an unprecedented concierge level of service. You will discover a world of individualized care; cleaning, wardrobe storage or even pre-travel packing.

We will guide you through ever step in the creation of your bespoke experience; from luxury fabric options (alpaca, cashmere, seersucker, etc ), to impeccable design details (button style, pocket options, lining, and more). There is no limit to our creativity, or to your wardrobe options.

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Latest Bespeak

The Showroom

The Only Man in the Room Without A Tie... Don’t be that man.

If you’re a high-powered business broker like many of our clients, your wardrobe can actually generate revenue. It impacts people’s first impressions. It tells them you know how to read a room—and follow its unspoken rules. It conveys both power and grace.

So, how do you make sure you convey the right message and dress appropriately for any occasion?

The Showroom

How to Achieve Balance with Neckwear

For men who understand the subtleties of being well-dressed, looking great is all about balancing your look. Certain details and measurements of your outfit should be directly proportionate to the silhouette of the overall outfit you’ve chosen to wear. For example, the breadth of your shoulder line will help to determine the width of your suit’s lapel, and the size of your pocket flap will be echoed in the girth of your pant leg dimensions.

When it comes to neckwear, balance—both in color and dimensions—helps to create that wow factor that helps you close the deal, land the account, or in other words, win. This keeps you memorable in the minds of the most powerful people in the room.

About David Lance New York

David Lance New York is the premier location for custom handmade, and bespoke suits. Situated just off Madison Ave, our opulent showroom, encapsulates the very essence of what we stand for; quality.

For the past 28 years David and our team have provided a level of service that has kept our family of clients coming back time after time.

“For executives and professionals who have made it to the top of their game, dressing well is not a requirement, but it is however, one of it’s great rewards.” - David Lance